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    There is no better lead than an introduction from a trusted network.

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Living Your Brand is a new-business agency that connects digital, communication and creative agencies with clients.

We provide agencies with qualified leads, introductions and arrange meetings with a view to clinching sales.

Living our brand offers its new business developing expertise and connections at a fraction of the cost of hiring an experienced New Business Developer / Sales Executive.

6 steps to better prospects

(1) Briefing Session

Workshop arranged between your company and our expert lead generation specialists in order to understand your business offering and perfect customer.

(2) Generate Prospect List

Your wish list is compared with our database which is made up of key decision makers for marketing, procurement and sales. A final prospect list is then generated and targeted.

(3) Contact Prospects

Our team of lead generation experts make contact with our relationship orientated database to present your business offering and secure an introduction.

(4) Introductions

Once a prospect has a clear idea of your business offering and is in the market to buy, we will make an introduction over email. A full profile of your prospect is sent to you before the introduction is made.

(5) Survey

A survey is sent 30 days after each introduction to you and your client prospect in order to gauge feedback from the process and the potential business dealings.

(6) Reports

Monthly reports are sent with campaign performance and an outline of all prospects generated and introductions made.

Our relationship database

We have an extensive relationship orientated database with bluechip and corporate companies decision makers across marketing, procurement, and sales.


Simple Pricing

R10 000
per month / 3 months
  • 5 Introductions per month (R2 000 per introduction)
  • Monthly report
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R15 000
per month / 3 months
  • 8 Introductions per month (R1 875 per introduction)
  • Meetings arranged on your behalf
  • Profile sent of each prospect
  • Monthly report
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R20 000
per month / 3 months
  • 12 Introductions per month (R1 667 per introduction)
  • Meetings arranged on your behalf
  • Profile sent of each prospect
  • Monthly report
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